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April 2014

39 Brilliant Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art

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In today’s post we’ve found 39 Brilliant Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art, these works feature popular characters like Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket. Ranging from sketches to vector illustrations, the Guardians of the Galaxy fan art are beautifully illustrated with fantastic color schemes and eye catching graphics.

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“Come Más Sano” using negative advertising for positive impact.

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Imagine you lived in a nation that made life or death choices from advertisements. Imagine if the color combination red and yellow made you smile or made your stomach growl. Imagine if it was possible to have a quarter pound meal cooked for you in a matter of seconds. Imagine you lived in a nation free of trans fats and (MSG) Monosodium Glutamate. This nation would have food everywhere you look, conveniently stationed along every roadside. Now imagine a nation where “30.5 percent or 69 million American adults are considered obese, causing an average of 300,000 deaths a year (Petrelli).” Read More

Teams and groups, increasing organizational effectiveness

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Topic: How can a manager help a work group to function as an effective team? Discuss the differences between a group and a team, and describe the strategies a manager can use to promote team effectiveness. Use examples to support your discussion.


Effective leadership is all about providing clear vision for its employees and associated guidelines in which employees are expected to operate. Key to improved performance is empowerment of team members along with clear communication channels to provide directives clearly and cogently. “Teaming is a natural and vital part of human social and work life” (Linda, 2005). Team building is a structured process using which discrete units can be empowered and best practices used elsewhere utilized for building groups into functional teams which will provide the required output in timely and precise manner. Read More

3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Without Facebook

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What’s a small brand to do? If you have been thinking that Facebook is not worth your time and money, here are three ways to boost your brand without it.

1. Step up your brand advocacy strategies on and offline.
Most small brands thrive on word-of-mouth. Companies such as Zuberanceare dedicated to the message that spending time finding and cultivating people who already love your brand has a much higher pay-off than broadcast or reach strategies. Read More