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August 2014

Awesome Art!! 31. 8. 14

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Each week we compile our favourite pieces of art from around the web into one manageable post. It doesn’t matter if it’s fan-made or professional work, it just has to be awesome. The internet has made the art world, especially comic art, infinitely more accessible to fans. There are a plethora of ways you can catch up with your favourite comic artists, from blogs,to image sharing sites and beyond, it only leaves us with one problem, what to choose at the end of the week!

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24 beeindruckend realistische Bleistiftzeichnungen – Chris Evans as Captain America portrait by Julio Lucas

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Schwarz-Weiß Portraits verschiedener Berühmtheiten

Fast atemberaubend erscheinen uns die Fähigkeiten, welche manche Künstler so besitzen. Mit nichts weiter als einem Bleistift zeichnen sie die realistischsten Portraits, bei denen man manchmal kaum glauben kann, dass es sich nicht um ein Foto handeln soll!


24 impressive realistic pencil drawings

Black-and-white portraits of various celebrities

Almost breathtaking appear to us the skills that have so many artists. With nothing more than a pencildraw the most realistic portraits, which sometimes can hardly believe that it is not a photo is to take action!

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Julio Lucas wins best photographer of the year!

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Julio Lucas won the award for Photographer of the Year at the IPP awards for this incredible image of a mountaineer. Julio, from Florida, said: ‘I want my photos to take on a more traditional form and grant the capture moment to tell the story rather then a manipulation of the moment by use of too many filters’ (IPP awards/Julio Lucas)

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