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User interface design principles: 11 pro tips

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Great UI design is the key to success – but achieving in practice isn’t easy. Follow our expert tips to help you on your way. As its name implies, great user interface (UI) design should revolve around the needs of the target user. That is why user interface design principles are so important.  All else is secondary, including the aesthetic – although in many cases form goes hand-in-hand with function.

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List of MIME Types by Content Type

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A couple of days ago I was working on a website and came across an issue with videos rendering (playing) in Firefox. This issue became increasingly annoying due to the video playing in Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome with no problem. Firefox is generally my web-browser of choice. After researching and finding a solution that required added to my .htaccess file due to some servers needing extension type additions in order to parse the video files correctly. Read More