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Marketing Strategy – Julio Lucas Featured on Barter Business Review

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By Elliot Roberts

 “There are all these niche networks now, and that’s where you’re really going to benefit. You’re going to get your biggest bang for your buck,” Julio Lucas says. “The key is, use your demo. Do your shotgun e-blasting. See what’s out there. Once you find out who is really interested, that’s where you’re going to focus your time and attention.”

  • Understand your target demographic. “This is all based on what people have done in the past,” says Lucas. When you get to know the habits of your demographic, you’ll be able to put your message in front of your buyer. If your target is bankers, know at what times of the day those individuals may be checking their social media, whether it’s before 9a.m.; after 5p.m. at that moment, post something impactful.

  • Produce a plan of how you want to showcase your brand. The venue dictates placement: For example, a speaker might use twitter; a graphic artist may use a Google+ Circle. What devices will your demographic use most often? A tablet? A mobile phone? Lucas says, “Research shows that certain demographics for certain targeted groups respond differently to product placement, or target audiences respond differently to images.”
  • Test-drive your product or services with your bartering partners. When barter members sign up to interact with members, they have to be open and a little fearless. The web invokes the kind of lucidity. “It’s all locally based businesses working together to better each other,” says Lucas. “If you’re using outside tools only (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) to market your product, you’re not necessarily helping yourself. You might make a couple of sales, gain some fans or followers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to grow your business.”
  • Install analytic tools within your website to determine what works, what doesn’t, click counts, where should your ad’s appear and not appear? In a Forbes magazine article on the importance of a good web design, contributor Mike Myatt says, “The Holy Grail is found in nesting great content with brilliant design. Don’t think ‘either/or.’ Think ‘and.’ Being found is nice, but it’s the experience and engagement that occurs (or not) that really matters.  There are many ways to get eyeballs to your content, but what really matters is what happens when you get there.”

Design methods of conversing, getting feedback, blogging. Publish information that helps a potential buyer. The larger your presence, the more potential for new customers.  “That’s free advertisement,” says Lucas. “People help you expand on the brand. It’s more about proper placement, more so than making sure the content’s there. Yes, you may have the most amazing website on earth, but if no one knows you are there, no is going to your page.”

Barter exchange members work to get you there. Whether businesses trade with the bater community or send referrals through social media, barter members use alternative currency to build businesses and enlarge Web footprints. Business, indeed, is booming.

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