Marketing and Technology Interplay

Digital marketing: Two formulas for success

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Here is an article that I found interesting and wanted to share with you. There’s something about humans, says digital marketing evangelist Avinash Kaushik, that makes us want to shoot for the most complex solutions right away. According to Kaushik, he’s seen too many marketing departments make the mistake of taking on too much digital before creating a strong foundation. In his blog, Kaushik breaks down two different strategies: the digital marketing ladder of success and the digital analytics ladder of success—both of which are meant to get marketing managers started towards building a longterm plan for their digital goals.

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Marketing and Technology Interplay

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Marketing has changed since the onset of Technology and dot com syndrome and the whole concept has been revised. The conventional methods of marketing though existent now occupy a much less importance in relative terms and are continuously losing out to the new concepts and Information Technology related campaigns. And hence the role of an effective Marketing Officer is now in the phase of redefinition. A balance needs to be maintained between using the conventional tools and to look for new upcoming technologies; some of which are defined as heavens for the marketing campaigns; since these now provide access to a wide consumer base with a very low costs. Read More